Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Know How to Take Care of Your Sexual Health

Know how to take care of your sexual health

Sexual health is an essential part of human health and well being. Most of the couples face sexual complications that can ruin their sexual life. If you are also facing sexual issues, then it is important to avoid them and maintain a perfect sexual health.

Everyone wants a perfect sexual health, but some of the couples face difficulty in reaching the orgasm. The best sex specialist in Delhi is going to share some secrets that help you to avoid sexual problems and also keep you and your partner sexually active.
Here are some secrets to good sexual health.

·         Maintain a healthy weight
Obese people have a higher risk of hypertensions, diabetes and medical conditions that can make your sexual health complicated. Maintaining a healthy weight helps you to prevent many diseases associated with your sexual health.

·         Communicate with your partner
To enjoy a healthy sex, it's necessary to feel comfy. Select the correct place, sit down with your partner concerning his or her tastes and preferences in love, additionally as yours. In all cases, you ought to be happy to do new things and you ought to feel respected. Don’t do one thing simply to please your partner if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

·         Avoid smoking
Smoking reduces your vitality, as well as on a sexual level. Plus, tobacco results in a development, causing blood vessels to constrict all over within the body, as well as within the private parts. In men, this reduction within the blood flow will cause problem in having or maintaining an erection. In women, this development conjointly happens within the private parts, that results in a range of issues, including a lubrication reduction.

So, these are the secrets to good health. If you are also facing some sexual issues, then you can consult Dr. P.K Gupta. He provides effective sex treatment and sex therapy in Delhi. So, approach Dr. P. K Gupta and make your sexual life better

Friday, 29 December 2017

Your mood for a healthy sexual life

Your mood for a healthy sexual life

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Sunday, 17 December 2017

Harmful side effects of Nightfall in men - Nocturnal Emission

Harmful side effects of Nightfall in men - Nocturnal Emission

Nightfall is a common problem in young men during adolescence. This problem is also known as wet dreams, in which a man faces involuntary ejaculation in sleep. It is a common concern of people that if it is normal to have nightfall or not. If the nightfall occurs frequently, then it can cause several side effects in men.

While talking about the side effects of nightfall, it is generally stated that it can cause sexual weakness in men. It can cause weakness in strength and stamina. Here in this blog, we are going to share some the ill effects of nightfall that every man should know and get the Nightfall treatment in Delhi.

1.      Weakness
Men who face frequent nightfall can experience lack of strength and stamina. It can also cause sexual weakness that leads to an unsatisfied sexual intercourse for the female partner. Frequent nightfall can show symptoms like weakness, poor stamina and reducing the strength that suggest a serious implication on health and virility.

2.      Stress
Due to excessive nightfall, stress can also occur and stress can stop a man to do regular stuffs in offices and home. They sleep with the stress of getting nightfall. If you are suffering from stress due to nightfall, then you need to get the treatment right away to get relief from stress.

3.      Lack of arousal
Men who suffer with the frequent nightfall cannot be in the position to get the required arousal during love making. To get the satisfactory arousal for a sexual intercourse, you need to get the treatment of your problem.

The harmful side effect of nightfall can be treated with the Best Nightfall treatment in Delhi at Dr. P.K. Gupta’s clinic. He can help you by providing safe and effective Nocturnal Emission Treatment in Delhi. 

Monday, 11 December 2017

How to Keep Your Sex Life Healthy in Your Marriage

How to Keep Your Sex Life Healthy in Your Marriage: Many couples dreamt to have a satisfying and healthy sexual life. But sometimes, they find difficulty in reaching the orgasm. While making love, they are not satisfied with each other or the partner is not able to fulfill other partner’s needs and desires. So, here, in this blog, I am going to share how you can make your sexual life healthy. The best sexologist doctor in Gurgaon who provides effective treatment of every sexual problem. 

How to Keep Your Sex Life Healthy in Your Marriage

Always keep in mind that an active sex life is good for your health. If you have sexual problems in your life, then you should boost it and make it better. A perfect sex increases immunity from viruses, improves mood and also relieve stress. There should be no complications in your sexual life. Now, below are the secrets to have a healthier sex life.

Here are some secrets that you should know to have a healthier sex life.

·         Be playful
To have a romantic sex life, you should make some changes in your daily life. Be playful or putting some fun in your sexual life is highly beneficial for you. You should try things such as take a bubble bath together, tickle each other and leave love notes in your partner’s pocket. These types of activities help you to have a romantic sex life.

·         Be romantic
Being romantic can make you more passionate towards sex. It helps both the partners to enjoy more sex. Be intimate, talk naughty, playful in bed, make your sexual life healthy for many years.

·         Try different positions
While making love in bed, you should try different positions. Having a collection of different positions and trying different and new position in sex helps you to add interest and enjoy more in bed.

So, these are the secrets to have a healthy sex life. If you are also facing any sexual issues in your relationship, then you should try to solve them with these secrets. For instant results, you can also consult Dr. P.K Gupta, is the best sexologist doctor in Gurgaon who provides effective treatment of every sexual problem. You can approach this experienced sexologist doctor in Gurgaon to have a healthy sex life. 

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Myths and Facts Related to the Male Penis - Penis Enlargement Center

One of the greatest insecurities men feels all around the world is whether their dick sized enough to satisfy a lady. There are a small number of men who are satisfied with the size of their own penis. Actually, people are very less aware of their own dick. Here is the knowledge about dick on today's Blog.

In our society, dick anxiety is deeply ingrained. For men, it's tough to digest that they have a small dick length, as this questions their manhood. How much does the dick length matter and how much is the myth? To address the issue, a known doctor at the Penis Enlargement Center in Delhi put together a list of common myths and facts related to the penis and its health.

Myth #1: - The bigger the shoe, the bigger the penis size.
Fact: - It is truly a myth, as your shoe length has nothing to do with your dick size. The myth was debunked by two London based types of research done in 2002. They actually assembled 104 men and correlated their dick length and shoe size, but found no relevant relation between dick length and shoe size.

Myth #2: - Women are satisfied with a partner who has a bigger penis size.
Fact: - This misconception has placed in our mind, but is actually untrue because there is women feel more pleasure during sex with a person who has a dick with better girth instead of length. A bigger Dick may mean pain for a woman and will make sex painful instead of pleasurable. A large dick needs more preparation and carefulness. An average length dick size is enough to give a satisfied orgasm to a woman.

Myth #3: - Sex is all about penetration.
Fact: - Sex is not just about the penetration. Both souls have to indulge in sexual activity with love. Foreplay is the most important thing that you required to have a pleasurable sex. Penetration without indulging in foreplay will make difficult for the women to climax. Penetration is important, but clitoral stimulation is more important.

Myth #4: - You can better your penis size with pills and oil.
Fact: - You may have seen thousands of advertisements that claim to give you a better dick length with their products. They promise to enhance your manhood by some "magic pills" and "creams". If you have a Micropenis, then the only way to increase your dick size is through surgery. The length of your Micropenis can never change permanently without a surgery. You need to opt for a surgery in order to enhance your manhood.

Whom to consult to make penis bigger? One can consult Dr. P.K. Gupta and book an appointment at his penis enlargement clinic in Delhi. He is a leading doctor, who can fulfill your desire to have a bigger dick size with the right treatment. You can approach him for the surgery if you have a small dick size because surgery is the only option to enhance the length of the dick Dr. P.K. Gupta will give you effective and safe treatment. So, start your fruitful sexual life after getting the treatment at Dr. P.K Gupta's super specialty clinic.

Monday, 4 December 2017

5 Unexpected Health Benefits of Orgasm That Every Woman Should Know

Enjoying sex is natural to every woman, but having orgasm during sex is uncommon for a lot of women. According to a study, orgasm is not caused by sexual intercourse only, but it is a result of clitoral stimulation indirectly by moving the clitoral skin. For women, it's not easy to arriving at sexual climax successfully.

5 Unexpected Health Benefits of Orgasm That Every Woman Should Know

It is well known that orgasm can make you feel great, but it also offers you a lot of health benefits. It is one of the greatest sensations that our body can experience. From mild to subtle, women can experience 11 different types of orgasm. Did you know there are actually a lot of benefits of having an orgasm? Here in this blog we are going to share the five benefits of having an orgasm. These benefits have been brought to you by the Best Sexologist Doctor in Noida.

1. Orgasm regulates menstruation
Orgasm sends blood to the organs in the pelvic area and this delivers all the important nutrients right where they count. The women, who orgasm once in a week have healthy menstruation cycle of 28 days. So, make sure to have sex thrice a week and read more and more tricks to climax, if you want to keep your menstrual cycle healthy and relieves pain during periods.

2. Orgasm makes you healthy
Orgasm can increase the DHEA hormone in females, which in result gives positive health benefits. It also improves memory and brain functions. Orgasm can also lower the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases plus you will get glowing skin forever. So have orgasms at least once in a week and stay healthy.

3. Increase sexual desire
Orgasm also helps women to increase sexual desire and the sex becomes a pleasure, not a duty. When women get an climax, they strive to have a satisfied sexual intercourse and this increases their desire to have sex. It relieves stress, headache and promotes better sleep in women.

4. Gives younger looking skin
You can really look better after having a satisfied sexual intercourse. A satisfied sexual life can actually help you look younger. Your mood gets better after an enjoying sexual intercourse and this relieves your stress. The flush of blood reaches your skin and makes you look rejuvenated and young forever.

5. Orgasm can make you happier
Beyond the short term pleasure associated with sex, orgasm can actually make a woman happy. It helps the women get rid of stress, depression and severe pain. So, girls have sex and enjoy the long term pleasure of climax.

I am glad to share the unexpected health benefits of orgasm for women. Hope you will try some new way to have better penetration and a healthier sexual life. If you want any kind of consultation or therapy regarding your sexual life, then you can consult Dr. P.K. Gupta. He is the Best Sexologist Doctor in Gurgaon, who can give you right consultation to enjoy a good sex life.

Source of information: http://www.sooperarticles.com/health-fitness-articles/sexual-health-articles/5-unexpected-health-benefits-orgasm-every-woman-should-know-1619310.html

Sunday, 26 November 2017

3 Less Known facts About Erectile Dysfunction - Best Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is a serious sexual problem among males, as it affects them mentally as well as physically. Sex is the most important part of a relationship and problems like Erectile Dysfunction affect the sex life of a couple badly. For those who are unaware about ED, let me remind you, it is the problem in which a man finds himself unable to perform in bed because  of the inability to achieve erection firm enough to have a satisfied sexual life.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction have very low confidence because of their inability to perform well in bed. Here in this blog, you will know the 3 less known facts about erectile dysfunction.

1.      Cardiovascular problems are the common cause.
Erectile dysfunction often caused by poor blood flow to the penile portion of your body. Men who are suffering with cardiovascular problems may get the problem of erectile dysfunction. Radiation treatment of prostate cancer can also cause erectile dysfunction.

2.      Too much smoking and drinking can also cause ED.
Once in a while drinking and smoking with friends is okay, but if you are addicted to alcohol and are a chain smoker, then chances of having erectile dysfunction increase. Alcohol and nicotine badly affect your sperm count and quality of erection because the blood flow to the penis is blocked.

3.      Erectile dysfunction can occur in old age.
Erections occur when your mind is ready, blood flow is healthy and your body supports you and your hormone. So when you get older, your sex life can be affected due to various reasons. Age related health problems can be the reason behind erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

These are the three less known facts about erectile dysfunction that every man should know. If you are here, you are probably suffering from erectile dysfunction. If it is so, go consult the specialist for the best Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in India.

You can approach Dr. P.K. Gupta, the best sex specialist for the Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Delhi. He will give you the right possible treatment for your problems.