Friday, 9 March 2018

Things that Will Surely Improve your Sex Life Instantly

You used to have a lot of fun in bed with your partner, but suddenly something happened, which changed your sex life completely. At the time of night, you seem to be more interested in late television shows, than spending steamy time with your partner. The excitement has gone and you need to know some things to fix your sex life instantly.

There are various barriers that are stopping you from enjoying your sex life. To keep your sex life fresh, here are the basic things that will surely improve your sex life instantly. So, get ready to light the fire in your relationship with these things brought to you by the Best Sexologist Doctor in Gurgaon.

1.      Enjoy & love yourself being naked
Women who enjoy their sex life, love being naked with their partner, as they feel confident about their body. So, avoid your problem areas and feel strong and sexy with your body. Do not carry the feeling of not being beautiful on the bed. Your partner loves you and this matters the most in a relationship.

2.      Maintain a good health
Your sex life goes hand in hand with your physical & mental health. So, follow the healthy habits and keep your body in shape to make your sex life enjoyable. Quit smoking, drinking, taking stress, chronic tension, etc. & grab good habits to bring positivity into your sex life.

3.      Take up some erotic fiction
There are tons of ways, which can get you in the mood for having sex.  Erotic fiction is one of the most superior ways to avoid distractions and lost in an erotic world. By reading these books, you will get some great ideas, which you and your other half can get up to.

 Equally, don’t forget to communicate, as it will build your relationship to the highest level. You can also consult Dr. P.K. Gupta, a leading Sexologist Doctor in Gurgaon for the sex therapy and sexual problems. He will surely help you by providing you the best treatment for your sexual concerns.

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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Things you can do to Maintain your Vaginal Health

Things you can do to Maintain your Vaginal Health

When we talk about the vaginal health of our body, we generally don’t think about the health of our vagina. But we should, as every part of our body is preciously gifted by the Mother Nature. Practicing good vaginal health means less risk of getting infected and obviously a better sex life due to increased confidence.

What exactly should we do to keep our vagina happy and healthy? Well, you need to follow some tips from the expert. Here in this blog, the Best Sexologist Doctor in Noida is going to share the things, which you can do to maintain your vaginal health.

1.      Never wash your vagina
A vagina is a self cleaning organ in our body. It has good bacteria called lactobacilli, which make the vaginal acid, so that bugs can’t grow to produce substance that are toxic to the virus. Never ever wash your Vulva with any soup, else you can wash your vagina once a day with warm water.

2.      Never over trim your pubic hair
Trimming your pubic hair in the sensible way is normal, but over shaving and waxing can result in ingrown hair, which can be itchy and upset the pH balance of your vaginal skin. Hair is there to keep your area moisturized, protected and happy. So, leave at least a bit of hair, particularly on the labia to keep things healthy and protected.

3.      Practice safe sex to keep virus and bacteria away
If you want to keep yourself protected from virus and bacteria, then it is essential to practice safe sex. Always ask your partner to use condom to protect against STDs & pregnancy. There is nothing wrong in keeping a condom in your bag, just for the sake of your health.

4.      Wear cotton and comfortable underwear
Your vagina needs proper air to stay healthy, so when it comes to underwear selection, always opt for cotton. Cotton panties will help your vagina to breath and absorb moisture. Harmful bacteria production will be less, if you will wear cotton underwear. Make sure to change your underwear after swimming and workout, as the bacteria production increases due to sweat and moisture.

These are the four essential rules to follow, if you want to keep your vaginal health and want some confident during your sexual activity. For more info and query, consult Dr. P.K. Gupta, the best Sexologist Doctor in Noida.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Ayurveda - Some Simple Home Remedies to increase Sexual Power

Sex power badhane ke upay: The problem of weakness in men is common nowadays due to this race race and stressful life and untimely and unhygienic food. Impotence, dream loss, metal defects etc. are such problems that affect marital life very much. Due to unhealthy eating habits or nutrients in the body or other bad habits, men are having difficulty with weakness or weakness. Today we are going to tell you the very simple home remedies that you can get rid of this problem very soon.

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1. Amla- 2 teaspoons of amla juice, one small spoon of dried amla powder and a spoonful of pure honey should be consumed twice a day. Using this, sex power will gradually increase. Amla is very beneficial in this type of trouble. So take a powder of dry Amla powder in a glass of water every night and fill it with water. After getting up in the morning, mix turmeric in this water and drink it and drink it. Grind mishri gram in Amla's powder. After this, take a spoonful of this mixed powder before sleeping on a daily basis. After that drink a little water. Those who have a problem of excessive swelling, they should eat marmalade each day.

2. Apple - Put as much cloves as you can in an apple. Take a nice big lemon of this kind. As much as possible, put cloves and keep both fruits in a vessel for a week. After one week, take out cloves from both fruits and keep them in separate bottles. On the first day, take two cloves of lemon finely and eat it with goat milk. Change this way to 2-2 cloves for 40 days This is a very simple way to increase sex ability in a way.

3. Make the powder of Ashwagandha- Ashwagandha powder by adding 100-100 grams of powdered almonds and Bidariqand to the fine powder. The powder should take half a teaspoon of milk in the morning and evening. This mixture makes the semen stronger, reducing the problem of premature ejaculation.

4. Make 4 to 4 grams of dry ginger, 4 grams of semolina gum, 2 grams of akkera, 28 grams of pippi and 30 grams of black sesame together and make a fine powder by rubbing them. Drink a glass of hot milk from the top by taking half a teaspoon of powders while sleeping at night. This panacea removes body weakness and increases sex power.

5. Oregano- Soak 100 grams of oregano in white onion juice and dry it. After drying, dry it again by wetting it on the onion juice. Do this three times in this way. After that, rinse it and keep it in a bottle. Mix half a teaspoon of this powder with a spoonful of grated sugar candy and eat it. Then drink hot milk from above. Use this mixture for nearly a month. During this, sexual intercourse should not be done at all. This is the best way to increase sex potential.
6. Chhautaras- Four-five mills, two-three cashews and two almonds should be taken at 300 grams of milk thoroughly by boiling and cooking and adding two teaspoons of sugar candy to sleep every night. This increases sexual desire and working power.

7. Carrot- Take 1 kg of carrot, 400 grams of sugar, Khao 250 grams, 500 grams of milk, 10 grams of curryed coconut, 10 grams of raisins, finely chopped 10-15 grams, one silver work and 4 teaspoons indigenous ghee . Grate the carrots in a pan and cook it. When the water is dry, add milk, honey and sugar to it and keep it running with spoons. When the whole mixture is thick, put coconut, raisins, almonds and cashews in it. When it becomes thick, put the country ghee on the plate and remove the halwa on the plate and put silver work on top. This pudding should be used to drink milk from four to four teaspoons in the morning and evening. It enhances the body and strengthens the body. It also increases sex power.

8. Tamarind- Take half a kilo tamarind seed and make two parts of it. Soak these seeds in water for three days. After that, take out the peels and throw them out and grind white seeds in the margarine and grind them. Then add half a kilo pea mishri and put it in a wide bottle of glass with an open mouth. Take half a spoon with milk in the morning and in the evening. In this way, this remedy increases the ability of early fall of semen and sexual intercourse.

9. Cow's seed- Make 100 grams confectionery seeds and 100 gram Talamkhana by making powder by grinding it and then mix it with 200 grams of sugar candy. Mix half a teaspoon of milk in light hot milk and drink it daily. By drinking it, semen gets thicker and the nomination goes away.

10. Chobchini- Make 100 gram seeds of talamkhana, 100 grams of chombe, 100 grams of ghee, 100 grams of gluten and 250 grams of sugarcane by making powder. Eat at least 4 spoons of cream in a spoonful of powder in the morning every morning. This mixture eliminates diseases such as sexually transmitted weakness, renal failure and early fall of semen.

11. Onions- Mix half a spoonful of white onion juice, half a teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of mishri powder in the morning and evening. This mixture is very useful to remove semen pollination. Mix white onion juice with ginger juice and mix it with the amount of five to five grams of pure honey and the country ghee and mix it together for a month by morning rule and gain See, there is an unprecedented increase in sexual capacity.

12. Dhak - Roast 100 grams of gum on the pan on the pan. Then fry 100 gram Talamakhan with ghee. After that, take two to three hours before eating it, take half a teaspoon finely and eat it in milk in the morning and evening. After a few days, the thinness of the semen goes away and the sex capacity increases very much.

13. Grind fine gram flour - 15 grams nutmeg, 20 grams hingul bhush, 5 grams alkarka and 10 grams of saffron. After this, mix honey with it in the Imamadaste. After that, make small pills equal to gram. Take 2 rounds of 2 tablets with thick milk before sleeping daily. This eliminates the laxity of penis (penis) and removes the name.

14. Cardamom - Take 2 grams powder of cardamom powder, 1 gram of javitri powder, 5 grams of almond and 10 grams of sugar candy. Keep almonds soaked in water at night. Grind it in the morning and make it like a paste. Then mix it with other substances and mix two spoons of butter in it. It enhances semen and enhances sex power by bringing strength in the body.

15. Tulsi- Make 15 grams of basil seeds and 30 grams of white mushlil powder, then mix 60 grams of sugar candy in it and fill it in the vial. Take 5 grams of this powder with cow's milk in the morning and evening, it eliminates sexual impoverishment.

16. Garlic - Grind 200 grams of garlic and mix 60 grams of honey in it and fill it in a clean vial and place a lid and keep it in any grain for 31 days. Take it for 40 days in the amount of 10 grams after 31 days. It increases sexual power.

17. Turmeric - If the semen is more dilute then add one spoonful of turmeric powder in 1 teaspoon honey and take it empty in the morning during the morning. Using its wide range increases the power to intercourse.

18. Urad Dal - half a teaspoon urad dal and two to three soft buds of conch should be grinded in fine flour and in the morning and evening. This remedy is quite beneficial. Taking this prescription regularly increases the power of sex.

19. Shankhuppi - 100 grams of Shankhupshi, 100 grams of Brahmin, 50 grams of asymmetrical, 50 grams of Tajaj, 50 grams of Mulhati, 50 grams of beta 50 grams, and 450 gram of sugar, by grinding fine powder grinded powder by mixing the powder in the morning in the amount of one spoon And should take in the evening. Consuming this powder for three months regularly gives strength to sex power by ending the night-fall (dream defect), seminal weakness and renal failure.

20. Seeds of Utsagan - Cook 6 grams of Utsagan seeds, 6 grams Talamkhana and 6 grams of bunting together in equal quantity and add half a liter milk. If the mixture is about half empty then let it cool down and let it cool down. Keep taking it regularly for 21 days daily. It removes impotence (Namdhari) disease.

21. Buckle - Make powder by taking equal amounts of these five substances - dried amla, bunions, corn seeds, white muesli and gudu sattva. Mix one spoon of ground ghee and one spoonful powder in a sugar candy and take this mixture while sleeping at night. Its. After this, drink a glass of hot milk. This powdered sex work has great power.

22. Banyan - Before sunset break the leaves of the banyan tree and eat 10-15 drops of milk out of it and eat it. Using it, your semen will also be formed and sex power will be more.

23. People - Make chutneys with the equal amount of pepal's fruit and peepal's soft roots. 100 ml of this 2 teaspoon sauce Milk and 400 ml Mix it in water and cook until it is almost quartered. Then filter it and drink half cup in the morning and evening. Using it increases the power of semen and sex.

24. Triphala- One spoon of Triphala should be taken with 5 silk at bedtime and drink cold water from above. This powder strengthens the body by removing all kinds of diseases of the stomach, dream diarrhea and rapid drop of semen etc.

25. Make a fine powder by mixing equal amount of white muesli - salam mishri, talamkhana, white muesli, conch seeds, bunions and isbagol. Mixing sugar in this one spoon of powder should be mixed with milk twice a day. This makes semen stronger and brings greater power to sex.

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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Reasons for why Women Should initiate Sex

Reasons for why Women Should initiate Sex

To have a better and satisfactory sex in the relationship, both the partners should initiate sex. If a woman makes the physical intimacy her biggest priority, then there is more chance to have a deeper physical connection with the partner and also help you to have more romantic sex in the relationship. Initiating sex will excite both the partners for making an erotic love.

If you are facing any sexual issue in the relationship, then you can visit the best sex clinic in Delhi where you can meet Dr. P. K Gupta is the best sexologist that provides effective sexual treatment and help you to have a greater sex in the relationship.

Here are some reasons for why women should initiate sex.

1.      It strengthens your bond
Sex is about emotional connection, physical intimacy can make you feel more attached to your partner. This connectedness will help you to get greater satisfaction in the relationship. It also helps your body to release happy hormones and destress you. So, ladies, initiate sex to have a deeper emotional and physical bond with your husband.

2.      It affirms your husband
When you initiate sex, it will comfort and affirms your husband.  A affirmed husband is always a loving husband. He is so grateful for you, more loving, more caring towards you. It will help you to understand his sexual desires and needs.  So, it’s time to initiate sex.

3.      Your husband needs to know you are crazy about him
It is important for your husband to feel and know that he fulfills your every desire — emotionally and physically. He also must understand that the physical part of your relationship is not one sided. Your husband does not need to feel like he's always the one requesting, begging for sex. What your husband really needs is YOU.

So, these are the reasons for why women should initiate sex. By reading this blog, you’ll surely understand the reasons that helps you to enjoy more sex.  If you are facing any sexual issues, then you can consult Dr.P.K Gupta. Dr. P.K Gupta is the best sex doctor, you can meet him in his sex clinic in Delhi. You can consult him to have better sex in the relationship. 

Friday, 2 February 2018

Killer tips to Make the Best Honeymoon sex ever!

Killer tips to Make the Best Honeymoon sex ever!

Accept the fact that, while planning your marriage, you are secretly more excited for your honeymoon. You are a bit nervous and excited for your first sexual experience. Honeymoons are basically sex holidays, where you spend much time in bed instead of exploring new places. There are various things that you need to keep in mind to worship each other bodies in the best manner.

Every couple has a lot of expectations for honeymoon because it is going to be the most wonderful holiday of the life of a couple. Here in this article, the best Sex Doctor in Delhi is going to share the best sex tips to make your honeymoon sex amazing. After months of all wedding stress, take following tips from the expert and have a blast on your honeymoon.

1.      Do a little experiment
Your honeymoon is going to be an extra romantic trip, if you will do a little experiment in the bed. Make sure to not to overdo or go crazy, as it will ruin the expectations of your partner. Try some vanilla flavored candles or flowers to make the environment more romantic. Try to make things smooth and romantic.

2.      Maintain a good sexual hygiene
Many men and women come with infection after the honeymoon and the reason behind this can be a bad sexual hygiene. So, it is essential for both men and women to keep a good sexual hygiene and take care of your body. Drink water as much as you can and urinate after each sexual intercourse. Women must carry your intimate wash to clean their vaginal area to avoid infections.

3.      Be a teaser
Everyone likes to be teased before sex no matter it is a man or a woman. So before having sex, tease your partner and seduce them. You can include the teasing during foreplay. Touching, when you are lying next to each other is the best thing you can do to seduce your partner. You can tease your partner throughout the day to make them crave for you.

4.      Try various positions
Honeymoon is the time to enjoy sex and make it the best. You can enjoy rubbing each other’s body in different sex positions. Make the ideal honeymoon sex by trying different sex positions. Missionary sex is best to start and if you have stamina, then you can stick to various sex positions. Also try doggy style & cowgirl position to enjoy the sex in the best way possible.

Shared in this article, are the best tips you can follow to keep your honeymoon sex amazing. If this is going to be your first sexual experience and you are a bit nervous, then you can seek the help of a sex therapist. The sex therapist will surely help you to get rid of feelings of fear and anxiety.

For the help of an expert, you can consult Dr. P.K. Gupta, a leading Sexologist Doctor in Delhi. He will surely give you the best consultation regarding your sex life.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Questions to ask Your Doctor While Taking the Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

If you are unable to get erections firm enough to have sex, then it is a matter of concern for you, as it may be ruining your sex life badly. It can occur due to any psychological or physical factor. Some men face it frequently while others face it in long intervals. Whether you are facing the situation frequently or in intervals, you need to seek the help of the expert doctor.

Consulting a specialist doctor would help you get the relief from this embarrassing situation. You should take the help of a specialist in order to get rid of this condition. Most people try to sort out their ED problem of their own, but this is not the solution. Consulting a doctor and describing each and every issue is important to get the rid of the problem of ED. If you are diagnosed with ED, you can take the appointment with the expert for the best Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in India. You can prepare a list of questions that will help the doctor to evaluate your condition and give you the treatment accordingly. Here is the list of questions that you can ask while taking the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction.

List of Questions you can ask before the treatment of ED
1.      What is the cause of my ED?
2.      Might my medications are the cause of ED?
3.      What treatment you would recommend for long lasting results?
4.      What lifestyle changes do I need to make?
5.      What improvement I can expect?
6.      In how much time I can see the improvement?
7.      Is there any herbal remedy I can try to get rid of the problem?
8.      Can I get rid of ED with the help of therapy or counselling?

This is the list of common questions one can ask from the experts before the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. You need to consult the right doctor, who can give you the best cure for the problem of Erectile Dysfunction. It is very essential to do some research and find the top doctor for the Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Delhi. I would recommend you to consult Dr. P.K. Gupta, a leading sex specialist, who can help you get rid of your sexual problems with the help of safe and effective treatment. You can book an appointment with Dr. P.K. Gupta and then get the best treatment. 

Saturday, 27 January 2018

How to cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally and Permanently?

How to cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally and Permanently?

Erectile dysfunction is the common issue among-st men of all ages. It is also called impotence. It is a condition in which a man cannot able to maintain an erection during intercourse. You can see many men will suffer from this issue at some point of life. There are many treatments and ways available to cure erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction has some symptoms such as lower sexual desire, loss of libido, men can feel anxious, depressed, and can lead to several issues in the relationship. To avoid ED, you should opt for the Best Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Delhi  in which your ED can be permanently cured.

Here are some natural ways to cure ED naturally and permanently.

1.      Walking
Walking is the easiest and effective way that boosts your sexual performance. Daily walking can help you to overcome with erectile dysfunction. Regular walking is beneficial for obese man to reduce the risk of ED. Walking helps you maintain a healthy weight and also treat erectile dysfunction.

2.      Drinking watermelon juice
Try to drink watermelon on a daily basis that helps to get full satisfaction in the bedroom. Watermelon is rich in amino acid, which brings improvement in blood flow to the penis. This will also improve your ED and enhance your sexual life too.

3.      Eating the right food
You should include some natural foods in your diet, such as  fruits, vegetables, fish, and grains. Try to avoid processed food and red meat. It is important to stay away from the food that disrupt your body and can cause erectile dysfunction. So, eat the right food to cure with ED.

4.      Keep yourself physically fit
Maintain a healthy weight and a healthy diet are the cure of many diseases. Exercise increases energy. It will make your pelvic bone strong. So, keep yourself fit and fine and enjoy long lasting sex without any issue.

So, these are the natural ways to cure ED naturally and permanently. If you are also suffering from ED, then you can also consult Dr. P.K Gupta. He is the experienced sex doctor and provides the Best Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in India. So, approach him and make your sexual health perfect.